by mewlips

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released February 25, 2017

all tracks produced, recorded & mixed by philly danko AKA king loner gawd AKA montecristo mewlips AKA tha #1 dingus killa



all rights reserved


mewlips Asheville, North Carolina

king loner gawd ~
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Track Name: Fresh Lettuce
everyday on the internet it's a ritual
i be making songs that no one ever listens to
life of a superhero most the time invisible
still i gotta get it cuz it's critical

team stays minimal, me and my lady
50/50 daily
dollface mcgrady
lately, sanity been playing keep away
lethal state
dedicated to the evil ways

music's repetition
music's repetition
tolerance increasing each listen
used to play, brand new, like a basket case
now it's donny hathaway when i masturbate

lifetime spent confined in one spot
gotta think outside of the box
they wanna see me in a coffin
or upstate locked
gotta think outside of the box
Track Name: Guy Mariano
piss a motherfucker off that's the escapade
i be mashing on buttons like a tekken game
keep my shit underground, septic tank
that just ensures that it comes out extra dank

no limit to what i can achieve
diy like master p
add to the fact that i do it with ease
so when i put it all together it's a master-p-ease(iece)

communities against the cops
they'll throw you under the bus to meet the quotas they got
it's profit
see 'em trynna open up shop...

that's how it's done
get 'em on the run
there's too many of us & they ain't got the funds
soon as cyrus said we got them 60 to 1
some undercover motherfucker pulls out a gun
Track Name: Yeti
still mayor of the junkyard
all my knuckleheads go dumb hard
foxhole grind, been up in the trenches
half an eighth of reggie in the engine

don't care if you're dyslexic
you'll understand this message
besides, i'm the one who's gonna get the sentence

bullets flying thru your appendix
holes the size of wax 45's when they exit

kill them all 'till the casket close
dry hit that pookie 'till the glass explodes
petty bustas who worry about matching clothes
i'mma rob you wearing nothing but a mask and robe

everybody wanna "be the man"
'till they see a boy like me with a gun in his hand

you a hoe
don't think i ain't notice it
old school playboy, expose the bitch

been deadly, fucking with a yeti
steady scheming, ed edd & eddy
two options for your brain, lasagna or spaghetti
i came to party, turn your face into confetti

in the barnyard where the bodies are held at
keep accumulating, grab my shovel and 12 pack
i be digging more holes than, stanley yelnats