by mewlips

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released September 10, 2016

all tracks produced / written / recorded by philly danko



all rights reserved


mewlips Asheville, North Carolina

king loner gawd ~
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Track Name: (Part 3)
~ ~ ~
do i hate ya
ooooh i fucking hate ya
finna grip the blade and figure skate ya
tony hawk
shredding you
like paper
they gon' find your limbs in the mouth of a gator

southern shit
380 with the rubber grip
send you soaring into space like the mother ship

another day
choking out another bitch
give you a slow death to compliment the suffering

~ ~ ~

messing with my work
pull out the pistol like a clerk
full time gardener
put you in the dirt

death penalty for the perpetrators
leave every chamber smoking like a percolator

grab your neck and shake like turbulence
leave the body blue
poppa smurf a bitch
merciless where you're getting sent is permanent
toss you off the dock
with cement block and tourniquet

close range with the long scope
muzzle barrel shoved next to your tonsils
been smoking shurm with cilantro
they gon' find you next to a fossil

still riding round to that nick cave
windows down flipping out my switchblade
thinking about all the different ways
i can rip a (w)rapper apart like christmas day
~ ~ ~

country life in the appalachians
all my friends push but none of them skating
shot a lot of clips
but i still ain't famous
slam dunk over your coffin
step my game up

my bitch old school
hair doo like a beehive
when it's time to go
all she know is the green light
raised out west
but i brought it to the east side
dump your body 1,000 miles away
lets take a G ride

never gave a fuck
don't abide by no rules
200 bucks
i'mma spend it on o'douls

~ ~ ~

turn sacred land to sediment
from thailand to texas
anyone can get it
lane of my own with the rhetoric
effortless, making monuments out of sentences

cut your body up in the wood works
whole lotta stains on my good shirt
a few words can destroy a human
from now on all that you enjoy is ruined