by mewlips

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released August 21, 2016

all songs produced/written/recorded by philly danko



all rights reserved


mewlips Asheville, North Carolina

king loner gawd ~
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Track Name: (Part 1)
~ ~ ~

no AC, iphone speakers
so long california, adios tweakers
this just in, i ain't beiber
jesus, cross me, i'll make you a believer

framed mugshot hanging from the freezer
now my girl moves my product, two baggies in her kiester
butter knife cut offs saves the day t-shirt
got something on deck to spin you round like a revert

coming for you after the sun sets
no guns, no tecs, no witness or suspect
roll your body in a rug then find a spot to dump it
your corpse will decompose and form a patch of onions

senses vanish, floating above where i'm standing
killing cops with my mind from across the planet
want to see it all dissolve
back into the void where it all belongs

~ ~ ~

i don't mind our time is minimal
we exist in the same interval
when i'm next to you i feel myself convulse
the red dot on your scope
above the smoke you send my ghost

i'm spending time like there isn't a limit
ain't been outside in a minute
there ain't much of a difference between the way i'm living and federal prison

malice and hatred stagnate and swell
eventually it stats cracking the shell
litttle nicky, i'm leavign this hell
fuck y'all kill yourselves

(first time is the hardest)
even more so since it all started
my parents should've named me mark, my face is a target
brain like a wardrobe assorted with garbage
same with my torso connection regardless

(two times melt my heart like a klondike)
now the orbs around my face feel like frostbite
every submarine is surfacing topside
and all my enemies dissipated in the fog light