knives in every pocket

by mewlips

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all tracks produced/recorded by philly danko ~


released December 18, 2015



all rights reserved


mewlips Asheville, North Carolina

king loner gawd ~
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Track Name: TRASHCAN ~
greener grass out back had to mow the lawn
scrapped another 16 i wrote for a song
isn't this more fun than killing yourself?
not by much but i got a feeling it helps
king loner gawd no ones stealing the belt
not even me as well
i'll have em runnin so fast that their heelies will melt

see i'm naive with the pipe dreams unlikely to accomplish
slob with the writing but a vet with the nonsense
i wanna speak like canines do
graveyard below the porch with a lakeside view
we can watch the goonies & 8 mile too
real playas don't play by rules

memory is stronger than faith
built an entire entity fueled from all of the hate
the trashcan of my heart has dissolved into space
and there's a dumpster full of records hogging it's place
raindrops falling in my face it's the weather's song
two hoodies and some lucy that i measured wrong
syndicate on my back so the pressures on
dead meat on my mind i think i'm better off

same address unfortunately
horror scope in full swing
put four walls up doorknobs don't get touched
reach perfection with the craft get every cornball snuffed

half a bottle in the glass i'm a big shot
eighth of reggie on my cock bumpin slipknot

still hittin licks in the abyss
montecristo mewlips turning blocks into swiss
taught never to trust thats the principal
so many blades in my back i'm invincible

pass the 45 to my homeboy clyde
if he catches you alive, you gon wish you died
plus half my team resembles kimbo slice
see us on sight and your hair turns sisco white
Track Name: WHAT BIKE ~
used to want a KILL COPS tat on my face
now with all the other names, i probably need more space
been strapped with the razor since my emo days
broad light type to run up on where deebo stays

a 38 off the books and its sea foam grey
x-ray vision lets me see your brains
plus the barrels so big that i don't need to aim
i'll turn your gassed up squad into fecal stains
Track Name: DRACULA ~
jocks roll out to rick ross in a pinto
i'm blastin black flag gettin sauced in a limo
your girls a yeti who slobbers and dribbles
i got a thick goth bitch so hot that she sizzles

we are not in the same league so stop comparing me
i'll let it spray right in your face like ron jeremy
turn your mug into a picasso piece
your remains gon look identical to nacho grease

misogynistic pimp i love my craft too much
vendetta out for blood like dracula
you see i'm too invested
but i've done worse for less just to prove a lesson
Track Name: BIG SLICE (LBC '98) ~
Track Name: CHATTER BOX ~
john cena in camo you can't see me
but where ever you go, i'm there like mr. feeny
fuck boys still poundin that fiji
all over soundcloud begging for free beats

john doe with a banana clip
only time i'm trynna hear a random spit
chillin with the goat and some random chicks
bring the whole barnyard when i'm traveling
who let the slack jaw'd mark with the sandals in?
too many mannequins ramblin i cant stand that shit
body count high? i know a guy who knows a guy who can handle it

you already fucked up, whats done is done
i'mma pry off your finger nails one by one
bubbling malice i structured a balance
dig burial mounds until my knuckles are calloused

if you forgot who you're dealing with, let me remind you
montecristo mewlips your family can die too
put their noodles in a box still dripping like thai food
half their top missing that's classic side boob

face splatter brain matter like pain patterns
aim at em , shoot , then shoot again like i changed cameras
see i could never find a gun large enough
so i just get mo hawks like my barbers punk
bayonet on the barrel watch me carve em up
remains go with your tape in teh garbage truck

they say the good die young
if that's true, i'mma make it to 101