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s/o maxxx dolo, ten diamonds, loom, king yappa, and of course all my luv and h8tred 4 the rap game. this one is 4 uuu

"As someone that’s always been into old-school emo, my appreciation for those strange but immensely appealing spoken word tracks so many artists in the genre seem to make is pretty high. Mewlips kind of takes the concept of those very particular tracks, adds a modern hip-hop influence, and expands it into a whole project. Initially introduced to his music through his work with Ten Diamonds, who even makes an appearance on this EP with a slick hook, there’s a thread between the two artists that seems to stem from their knack for creating something truly original.

His rapping never really offers anything more than storytelling or poetic pondering, but Mewlips’ H8 EP isn’t exactly about bars or contemporary beats. This is mood music for a mood that can’t be described any better than nostalgia and rainy windows: it’s depressive but it’s also strangely optimistic. Mewlips’ singular brand of happysad may have its limits, but there really isn’t anything else quite as surreal yet so indebted to real feelings as his idiosyncratic aesthetic." - pigeons & planes


released February 22, 2015

all songs produced/recorded by philly danko
all songs mastered by loom fittuce



all rights reserved


mewlips Asheville, North Carolina

king loner gawd ~
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Track Name: Dark Water
debaser turned heathen
the clairvoyance won't stop increasing
used to pray that i could lay the golden egg
now i'm holding a cane because of the hole between my legs

i wish i was anywhere but here
30 minutes later i regret my decision
H8 rains on me 'till i'm home with the fishes
nothing left to do but progress in remission

still naked in the bathtub pruning
calculating like the math clubs in ruins
but whats a blind, obese, christian boy like me to do?
i put my faith in you

now i'm as faithless as you
Track Name: Roses Of Static (ft. Ten Diamonds)
i can hear yr voice thru the glitches
even the static rings more true than superstition
as you move thru my screen, i'm glued 2 yr image
never want to see you removed from my vision

(running my own shit / girl don't tell me that
you ain't a fan i know you lying girl / now bring that back
i'm feeling so amazing / y'all really so basic
we really finna make it / and that's an understatement)

send me a used band aid in the mail
i'm doing witchcraft, promise you'll get it back
feel vibrations like when the system slaps
while i split in half the distance written on maps

more than just one color and a headless roof
vanity plate that reads halo 2
and there's room for two if you wanna lay low too
or treat me like a chess match and make your move

(came thru / crew up on my back
i ain't ever gonna dip / i ain't ever looking back)
Track Name: Balance
summer of favors in the gutter of the matrix
all i know is hunger and hatred
the junkyard where your cousin used to work
brought in the work and we chopped it up with dirt

back before i could spell eucalyptus
you showed me thru the woods but kept a tree house hidden
so disturbed how you're down with the sickness
now i know the difference between undead and living

noggins full of doubt no doubt about it
clouded forecasts incoming by the thousands
you got a mindset to appreciate a challenge
i got a mind that's offset like balance
Track Name: Football Head (ft. Maxxx Dolo)
as a kid , i never really cared
about the world outside i was way too scared
in the woods, spent my time by the creek
with the goods rolled up, i was way unique
watch the water pass by,
coltrane in my brain as i gaze at the sky
smoke flowin like the thoughts in my mind
mommy imma come home when the boy in me die

matter fact imma never come home
i was gone in the night to the twilight zone
i was gone in my mind like a bag fulla blow
like some pills in your drink n you loose all control
to be fair yo i never got the picture
if i said i got your point i was just fucking witcha
if i said i had your back i guess i really meant
i kinda wish that i could help but im afraid i can't
i kinda wish that i was better but i really aint

(idk if i can say this....CANNED FART SPRAY)

stratagizing how to get out of this shit hole
bathrobe parted, chest hair in ripples
face the blunt like an issue
then dismiss you, leave you face down in the thistles

more incentive when the message is missing
no reflection could fit the description
backyard full of panthers, start panic in an instant
cause more damage than adam sandler having twin kids
you can find me underneath the wonderwheel
showing off my scissor tongue and how it cuts thru steel
plus, i got the sharpest sword in the kingdom
and its quick as fuck, villains hit me up, i tell em BRING IT

i know the dances of the decades
i know your mans more concerned about his chest spray
i can feed you decadent grapes, till your dead in the grave
call me football head, i'm a(head) of the game