by mewlips

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all tracks produced/recorded by philly danko


released August 28, 2016



all rights reserved


mewlips Asheville, North Carolina

king loner gawd ~
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Track Name: (Part 2)
heard you want some problems boy you fuckin with the wrong team
i be making all these bitches cry like i'm john green
white guy, old school, something like a honky
only thing that you be killing is some tamagotchis

if it's a hassle
i brought some advil
rounds for your dome but they ain't coming in capsules

bring a few homies if you really wanna
i know two tonys
montana and

rampage catch this fade when i knuckle up
got something that'll make your block jump like double dutch
beach boys & jada
i don't fuck with that other stuff
all i hear is cloud rap with auto tune
by buttercups

11 in the clip, 1 in the chamber
underneath the moon turn your skull to a crater
mr. potato heads getting turned to taters
blast you on your porch
they'll find your corpse by your neighbors

~ ~ ~

i can grant your wish
666 is the magic number

get a shank or a gun
rob banks on the run
for like half the summer

you don't want that lame, he's a side-liner
i'm the man you script on your type writer
light a fire turn my whole stash to smoke
and surf off the gas till we collapse the boat

it could be a little bit
or spiral into infinite
no matter what the limit is
i'm committed into it

matching duffel bags when we collect the re-up
and i'll roll it all for you while you kick your feet up

~ ~ ~

20 tapes sitting pretty on a hard drive
eternally merging with the dark side
rib cage looking like a shark bite
just staring at the rain thru the car lights
blood craving
starved myself now i'm done training
can't contain it
big lurch
they gon find me biting your face off
butt naked
never been this happy while i hit a lick
split that shit with me, myself, and i
we spending every cent

used to be wild
out for the larger cut
butt load of hash strapped to my ass
on a charter bus
pack of wolves so the pigs don't bother us
but if they do
kfc style slaughter em

traded in my scale and the good sauce
mpc got me choppin like a cook off
fuck everyone who thought that i would stop
got a bouquet of violets
and your name on a wood box