Baby Toothe

by mewlips

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released November 21, 2014

all songs produced/recorded by philly danko

photo by katia innis // photo edit by HVRXLD



all rights reserved


mewlips Asheville, North Carolina

king loner gawd ~
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Track Name: Prince Rancid / Neil Yung
coming down thru the atmosphere
flame tats on my arms to make sure my path is clear
doppelganger looking back in the mirror
together we can murk every cop in town
and take it all back when they drop the crown
stakes are high, state of mind is batshit
doors are suicide and the inside matches
smash yr whole faction down 2 fractions

the balance is impeccable
a dolphin dies every time i mention you
escape pods sitting in the engine room
waiting to send me to never ending empty
m o o O o O o 0 o o O 0 0 o n s

the malice is inseparable
why does marine life die instead of you?
avoiding danger in the tombs
i'm always on the move
where you won't find me

/// ///

i'll be somewhere
where i don't have to leave that often
i've got your sunshine inside my coffin
and it blooms like cactus pines
where nothing should be alive

and the good news is your good as new
you're a replication right down to the name
fundamentally identical to you
but it's not the same
Track Name: Snow Fort
the #1 scrub in the tunnel of love
i'm the butt of the joke
light beams continue to lunge thru the smoke
constipate the space between my lungs and my throat

you can see my laces when i'm levitating
seven occasions, the techniques are ancient

pink vapor when i hit you with that war hammer
mood ring is a combo of orange banana
stored in the core with the source of the plasma
the reincarnation of george costanza

ash clumps and corona in the saucer pan
eyes closed when i shoot that apple off yr head
Track Name: Baddest Parts
dome piece full of ancient relics
quick access your fate is helpless
even vegans trynna eat the pelvis
that's hard 2 achieve when the secerets embelished

my essence of liquid love for you still lingers
exploding like fire crackers in the shitter
ever, in eternity (baby)

now i'm sleeping in the car again
B.O. and weed smoke on the cardigan
blend into the baddest parts
until i can't tell what you actually are
fog and turbulence
the window seat just worsens it

and it's all
2 much
Track Name: Blue Velvet
deep in the oilfields of heaven
ten thousand leagues of light separates the presence
egos turn to epitaphs
the perks of being second last
you stay unnoticed
both bad and better halves

dialogue like the flicks from the seventies
big bad wolf, piece of shit of an entity
still vicious
still of interest
still plotting in the basement or scoping out the building
Track Name: Hatred
same rotation
i can't let go of my hatred
smoke enough weed to hurt myself
just so i won't hurt myself anymore

in the fountain of life
where it takes extra long to drown
i'll be around sweating in my hoodie
or on a tight rope fucking up my footing
you don't have to remind me
Track Name: Antonym of Nostalgia
most nights, i'm awake all night
out of mind and out of sight
i know my worth and that makes it worse
slurp pro-meth and rotten limes
i'm underground like mines
white wine and clementines
still the same be it a duplex yacht
or an earth worm with a fishing line

couldn't get enough
the void stays empty
blood thirsty boogie men crawling thru the bedsheets
like yoshi with red shells
what entails is deadly
moms still talking trash when all i wanted was a pepsi

and everything you brought up leaves me caught up in my senses
when it all comes together like snow in the gutter
trenches are constant, unknown like no other
same with my bright side whenever it recovers

first time mold my soul like solder
dream catchers fucking up like clockwork
the sweet talk feels like scraping raw nerves
and all my enemies have created a monster
Track Name: Maple Igloo
the grand scheme of things is essentially
exactly what it seems
no mystery
blatant with the injuries and contrast
reach out like branches as everything leaves

villains get unmasked but the kids stay meddling
feathers 2 tha breeze and i'm passed out on the arm rest
think about you often when i loose all consciousness
forget about it when i remember to use my common sense

it's nonsense
and that's honest
in dark alley ways where i make my next victim

i'm beyond this
and that's progress
in broad daylight where i make my next victim

it all comes down 2 decisions
Track Name: Time Zones / Time Zo ne s
the only things that could keep me out of your time zone
are the state police and the dust cyclones
that could throw my bones across the sky

i thought about the counter parts
thought a lot but it wasn't hard
there's nothing else to do
i'm leaving as soon as it gets dark

( there's a spot for me under the tree where you lost your guts
dry heave onto the leaves
until it all dissolves and turns to steam
hovering above the rooftops and the drones
the stars and the unknown
and just like hell, there's a spot for you as well )