You Won't Find Me

by Mewlips

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released 28 July 2014

all songs written/produced by philly danko
all songs mixed/mastered by loom fittuce & philly danko



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Dirt Bag
gravity didn't seem 2 be an issue
i shot thru the ceiling and froze like a pixel
the lifelessness flutters when it's involved with yr lips
you walked into the water and dissolved with the drips

mornings feel like exit wounds
daylight brings the death of uuu

you can catch my vomit in an egg basket
grab me by the hip and whisper faint static
candy black night sky, the poison is light lime
wrong ideas that i'm saving for the right time

i'm a dirt bag honey
keep your distance from me
Track Name: Puzzleboard
back 2 back repetition
that's twice again, you didn't listen
light blue xans by the prescription
same night go missing
i got a fetish for the difference

somewhere in the mirror
i forgot what i was thinking
then suddenly you appear
and i don't know where to begin

you can find me lounging in the underworld
perfecting patterns while the thunder swirls
chest tat reads "u dun goof'd up"
run up in your house and clean it out like a toothbrush

i don't know why the buildings shatter
like glass under hammers
one appearance and the city is scattered
but when you're here nothing else really matters
so to answer your question
i think it;s destined disaster
Track Name: Mega
cartridges covering the carpet
hardly grasp the concept
softest to exist
and i didn't even try my hardest

one listen
and they want my position
snake pit in the backyard
cage in the kitchen

wishbone and a mid-december birthday
neglected everything and hopped on board the last minute
go in that perspective and i guess im really first place
shiesty role model i'mma let you know the difference

on some real shit
i fucking hate y'all
my hearts looking like a backwards 8-ball
tiger lilys around my bed when it's haunted
dump the bodies where the swans live
Track Name: Daisy Darla
daisy darla the ashes of your apple patterned blanket
you left in the basement of my old house
are now swirling over submarines
somewhere near russia
with the rest of your luggage

i was pushing mongo thru purgatory
you were singing in your autumn room
until june and then it was summer
and all your friends forgot you existed
Track Name: Sweetie
wandering aimless under surveillance at dusk
ordained by nature to be anxious as fuck
essentially soft goth
skin tone like a swan
playing deadly hopscotch
please don't step to me wrong

i got the means and an alibi
nothing 2 live up to so i guess i'm down 2 die
drowning in formaldehyde
fuck a lifeguard
im something like jaws
much happier if all life was gone

the nights serene and the lights are green
grinding my teeth with mike tyson schemes
KING LONER GAWD is what the license reads
even warm blood feels like ice to me
Track Name: Jessie
crystal ball in the living room
missiles shine like silver spoons
moon light on my gravestone
plain sight conceals the view

architecture like planet clusters
the same ones that you're standing under
somewhere in your emerald garden
where the wind howls like panic buttons

your brain is a synthetic dumpster
with pretzels inside
you've got a twisted mind and so do i
Track Name: Crud
penny 4 a thought, i got plenty on my breath
tetris game insane, you can rearrange my emptiness
more problems than the last time i mentioned it
rat nest punk with the bad luck embezzlement

if you could see me now
i'd probably be on suicide watch with the sleeves stiched around
finally at last alone
my hate could fill the catacombs
and live inside of my like a diesease without an antidote

my wrists are limp as a bizkit
i did it for the nookie but that's none of your business
hung up on condolences
i'm just trynna function
shot a kitten in its face as i galloped towards the sunset

dog shit where my ghosts used to sleep
i guess i still resent you for living
hitch a ride and drag my body through the streets
until all the colors leave
like steam
Track Name: At Last
interacting partially
bad news couldn't startle me
stiff on the stretcher
skin texture like marble green

put monsters under my mattress
be my lightning when i'm lonely
you don't have to do anything
it's exciting just knowing

ring of fire
last submission
now i can't separate the fiction