Don't Touch Me

by Mewlips

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all songs produced by Garbgage Disposal // artwork by HṾṚẊḶḌ // vocals recorded/mixed by philly danko


released 17 April 2014



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Forbidden
still stranded on a glacier
nudes in my possession for when i meet the maker
losing all the time, something like nader
clouds full of traps got waves made of vapor
wolf in the backyard but nobody believes me
still haven't hit puberty i feel like peewee
sea weed in the blunt
green jeans on the butt
that took a shit on my chest and it seeped into my lungs

naughty with the potty mouth
bout to bring the shotty out
something like ice t, cop killer, body count
they're crying for their mommies now, can't say that i blame them
clips like bananas and i'm about to go ape shit
got room in the trunk and even more in the basement
even with the facelift, yr an easy replacement
so close to this cheese that i bet that you can taste it
flow stays makeshift and the spaceship is stainless

kiss of death equivalent to viagra
what a coincidence, i wrote this in my dads truck
99 red balloons / see me on the come up
smart move to keep running with the dumb luck

your new album made me vomit in the sink
malabo's most wanted
some suckas just tickle me pink
but that's my favorite color tbh
Track Name: Bands Of Static
still celibate, nobody's feeling me
pelicans in my bedroom when i'm smoking weed
mindset eternal, sliding thru the worm hole
rapper's so basic, they sound like squritle
real life moaning murtle, lungs full of purple
demolishing hurdles, yung stephon urcle
but i look like that actress
you just got catfish'd
anime heroine, my life's sew average

everything i threw up is coming back down
getting knocked out in the last round
beats in my bath towel, king of my trailer
robo by the ocean, i drink like a sailor

i miss the eight hour sittings that i shared with my television
now i can't tell what's real and what isn't
same difference, no shoes and yr still trippin
radiation from the sun when i'm on the pavement
ooap on the block starts the concentration
clowns living life like an obligation
stopped paying attention, now im on vacation

ballerina trophies in the shoe box
old weed and crusty sperm on the tube socks
who's hawt who's not, who gives a fuck?
we all know that hot weather sux

lick a butt
Track Name: Early Linkin Park
lava lamp reflecting, i'm guessing the hours thru
power moves impressing, rejecting all sour moods
bros in a fashion show trynna flex muscle
cops on the block trynna fuck up my hu$tle

they want me 2 go 2 prison and find god
rather get a matching tombstone and a pine box
open up my skull and you can watch my mind rot
or just look into my eyes like a cyclops

maybe this is all an illusion
wut the fuck am i doing?
Track Name: Wonderful
i got the rap game in an arm bar
yr beats suck and you speak with a hard R
bar 4 bar like a never ending kit kat
masturbating 2 my albums till yr wrist snaps

watch me summon spirits with the will of my thots
all it takes is one decision and yr killed on the spot
play offs in the season of the snakes
my big homie told me shits bound to get worse
but they won't take me alive if i start firing first
always stay smooth like i'm ironing shirts

two way full of poison polluting the cells
don't just do something about it

do it yourself